DuPont Corian

Case Study

Brand Revitalization Design Challenge

DuPont Corian Brand Status: High Brand Awareness, Low Brand & Category Relevance

DuPont Corian was a 50–year–old brand with almost universal awareness in interior surfaces and strong brand equity, but had become a dated, heritage brand and the “generic” in its category, solid surfaces. Newer, more popular surfacing materials had become the gold standard and the brand was losing relevance.

Client Goals

A revitalized Corian global brand platform, visual identity and brand architecture which would elevate the stature of the brand.
GBR Services Employed
  • B2B and B2C quantitative and qualitative brand equity and segmentation research
  • Revised Brand Platform / Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • New Visual Brand Identity System

Our Solution: Reinvent Corian as a Timeless Brand in the World of Design

The Corian brand is not about “Fashion” or “Style”, which come and go with trends; we needed to create the new Corian brand as a timeless brand in the world of Design, always current, relevant, and evolving, showcasing an amazing range of materials, finished products, systems and design solutions. The new Corian Brand Architecture created a strong endorsing brand that leverages its size, awareness, history and strength to drive innovation and differentiation into the Surfaces market.

What We Did

  • Defined the brand’s core targets in both the Residential and Commercial spaces
  • Identified and addressed the brand’s “perception gaps” through a new brand platform
  • Created a new frame of reference, “Corian Design” for the brand that would reframe the brand and its category
  • Created a strategic and visual brand architecture that would unify, strengthen and modernize the brand

Our Work

New Brand Platform, centered on the idea that “Corian Makes Your Space”

New Logo and Visual Identity System, directly tied to the Brand Platform

In the Words of Our Client

The Brand Rejuvenation work is the centerpiece of our Future”
— Harwood A. Johnson, DuPont de Nemours

Project Details

  • Client DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
  • Office North Carolina, US
  • Sector Industrial & Ingredient Brands Consumer Goods
  • Partners Lisa Craig, Marco Barel