New Brand Fundamentals

How Great Companies Design and Develop Unique and Distinguished Identities
A Perspective-Changing Approach to the Concept of Brand

Marco Barel, Brand Leadership Expert and Principal at GBR, offers the framework of GBR’s branding strategy in a compact, accessible book. New Brand Fundamentals sets out a pathway to rediscover the potential of a brand, whether you are a business owner, a marketing professional, or anyone with an interest in branding and marketing.

The insights, analysis, and references included in the book show you how to reframe brands’ reasons why, restructure their presence in the market, and connect with their customers. Step by step, you will learn essential skills to put brands back on track to success.

29 Most Recognized Brands Analyzed, 7 GBR’s Case Studies

What do Nike, McDonald's, and Rolls-Royce’s have in common? How do they stay relevant in their customers’ minds? “A brand cannot be considered just a name or just a design. After all, it’s certainly not just the logo that distinguishes one brand from another. That’s the point we are trying to convey in this book – a successful brand must be a combination of what is behind the symbol and the way in which it impacts its target audience that gives it ultimate power.” – wrote Marco Barel.

No matter what your service or product, with New Brand Fundamentals you will learn from the best how to turn your brand into a point of reference among your audience.

“Leaders, their management and their branding consultants would benefit by reading New Brand Fundamentals. The results, from construction of brand equity to increase of market share, can be attributed to company awareness on how to combine business, brand, culture and marketing.”
Alina Wheeler
Author of “Designing Brand Identity, 5th Edition”

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