Brand & Customer Strategy Brings About Brand Relevance

A product or service brand that produces value but does not stand out in its communication will have difficulty succeeding. At the same time, a brand that stands out in its messaging but doesn’t produce value will have a short life. Successful brands identify latent needs in the lives and activities of one or more categories of people and offer solutions to satisfy them. They bring to light a need and the tools to satisfy it.
In today’s crowded market, time is more precious than ever. The saturation of products and messages represents the true critical competitive factor that a brand must be prepared to deal with. The saturation of messages, ads, media, products and services and the market itself inevitably leads to diminished attention. The saturation clouds people’s minds and is strategically exploited only by those businesses that aim to become relevant or to remain so.

The ultimate goal of effective brand strategy consulting is to help a brand to attract people of a given target so that a greater number of them buy more, longer and at a higher price. A brand has the power to create a visceral feeling towards a product, a service or an organization. Its primary purpose is to bring order to the confusion produced by saturation.

People don’t like to be sold something. People like to buy on their own. They buy as members of one or more social, ethnic or professional categories, or as individuals with a natural affinity for specific values. The question that they ask themselves is: "What will purchasing this (product or service) allow me to become?" On top of this, brands should communicate according to universal principles. People don’t like one-way communications. They don’t trust advertising because the persuasion contained therein tends to cause one-way communication saturation, and therefore disorder in people’s minds. Therefore, a brand that wants to become irresistible doesn’t try to resolve the saturation by introducing a repetitive amount of advertising messages. In fact, an irresistible brand uses two-way communication instead of persuasion.

Great brands offer unique products and brand experiences that respond in a distinctive manner to target user category's identified needs. Expert brand strategy consulting defines the white spaces in the market context, the ones that no competitor has yet occupied. It evalutates both product or service innovation and communication, involving all the hierarchical levels in an organization.

A brand designed on these principles is destined to become an irresistible brand. Our strategic consulting and design services offer the tools and tailor-made planning to unlock huge growth potential that hasn’t yet been properly identified for your brand.

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